low vision awareness month

Low Vision Awareness Month

Each February the National Eye Institute (NEI) supports #LowVisionAwarenessMonth. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about low vision and vision rehab services. Vision rehabilitation can help people with low vision learn how to stay independent and make the most of their sight. This month is a time to spread the word about about vision rehabilitation, and how people with low vision can live full and active lives.



What is Low Vision?

According to enhancedvision.com,

When your eyesight is impaired to the degree that you struggle with daily tasks such as reading, cooking, or recognizing faces, you may have a medical condition referred to as low vision. Someone with low vision can’t simply put on a pair of glasses or contacts and see well; this condition is beyond the typical loss of vision that occurs with aging.

Individuals experiencing low vision can struggle with maintaining independence; hobbies, reading and even socializing may become challenging as vision loss progresses. Because of the impact low vision can have on your life, it is essential to have your eyes checked by a low vision specialist if you have any concerns.

What Conditions Cause Low Vision?

Low vision can be caused by several factors, and while age plays a role, it is not the only risk factor involved. Some common causes of low vision in seniors and adults of all ages include macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts or eye injury. Diabetes can also lead to extreme vision problems and result in low vision. Learning more about the conditions related to low vision can help you take proactive steps to protect your health and eyesight.



If you’re interested in national efforts to improve eye health and vision take a look at these resources below. Take the time to educate yourself on sensory and communication disorders, and how to protect your eye health:

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👁 https://health.gov/…/sensory-or-communication-disorders

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👁 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNol8zIT_P1DRPjJRCdpOEdzSDeoT4lTG



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