How can we help you?

Frequently asked questions?

We now have a FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones?

1. How long has Lisette Home Care Services been serving the community?

Lisette Home Care Services has been proudly serving the Delaware County area for over 12 years.

2. I can’t do everything I used to. Why should I use a private duty agency?

All too often, people that need a little help begin struggling with daily activities, which can cause a lot of frustration. Sometimes falls and injuries occur when a person tries to do too much. Private duty home care can help restore your independence and give you enough help so that you may remain in your own home. Most people want to stay in their own home instead of going into a nursing home. Private duty home care enables a person to remain at home at a cost that is significantly lower than going into a nursing home.

3. What is the difference between “private duty home care” and Certified (Medicare) Home Health Care?

Certified home health care is provided for an acute and temporary need defined as “skilled care”, and is often only provided for several weeks. Certified home care may include a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist and other professionals. The client however, must be homebound and there are other restrictions as well.

Private duty home care provides hourly care, which often includes assistance with bathing, dressing, meal prep, housekeeping, transportation and other services. Sometimes the services of a nurse are required as well. With private duty home care, there are no requirements for being homebound, and no limited certification period as with skilled home health care. Private duty home care is often long term, and helps to maintain a client’s independence so they may remain at home. Some insurances or state and local resources may be available to help pay for private duty home care. Our staff are here to help to determine what may be available for you.

4. Do you accept insurance?

Yes we do! Please reach out to our Managing Director Sue Uleau for more information +1 (484) 480-6669.

5. I’m a little nervous about having strangers come into my house. How would this work?

We carefully screen our staff through interviews, background checks, references and drug screens. Our staff is experienced in helping people in their homes and understand the natural concerns our clients may have. They are respectful of being a guest in your home. To make it easier, we use the same staff for each client so there’s no constant ‘breaking in’ period for you and the caregiver. Often, our clients begin to think of their caregivers almost like family. Healthcare services are personal, and we want our clients to feel comfortable and secure with their caregivers.

6. What if I am not happy with my caregiver?

That is not a problem. If this comes up, please call our office to speak with our director. Sometimes, no matter how excellent the caregiver is, we cannot always expect two personalities to be a good match. We all have a tendency to ‘click’ with certain types of people. If necessary, we can change your caregiver if no other solution is acceptable.

7. What happens if my caregiver can't make it to my home?

In the event that your scheduled aide is unable to meet with you, the office will work to find a replacement/fill-in aide for that shift if you would like. It will be your choice to have an alternate aide come, or schedule an alternate visit when your aide is available.

8. Can I change the times my caregiver comes to my home?

Yes. Lisette Home Care Services is dedicated to creating a schedule that best fits your needs. As a client, you would just call and notify the office of any changes you would like made to your schedule.

9. Does Lisette Home Care Services offer a free in-home consultation?

Yes, we encourage families and clients to take advantage of our free no obligation care assessments. We also provide free home care safety evaluations.

10. Can you reach a Lisette Home Care Services worker 24 hours, 7 days a week?

Yes, a Lisette Home Care Services employee answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe this level of customer service is essential to providing outstanding care and service to our clients.

Lisette Home Care Services is ready to help answer any further questions you may have!